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This gallery it will shows all the fashion that you can see at the born, but on a different way, is not the last collection of Custo Barcelona, or H y M, we will not use professional models, its only real people that you can see walking in the streets of the Born, the tourist, the poor guy, the old man, the rich girl, etc…
We will show just the way they are, how they dress to go out in a normal day, not knowing they will be photographed. They are extravagant and exotic, each one with their own fashion and style waking throw the Born.
Its very impressive when you sit five minutes in one of the banquets to see the amount of people that pass there, everyone different to the other; fat, skinny, skater, punk, etc…It’s an amazing variety.
We wish that in this gallery you can make an idea of the diversity and fun you can find at the Born.

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CABECERA reportaje

To begin our photographic tour for the Born, the first thing that we will see is the Gothic Cathedral Santa Maria of the Mar. When we go out of the Cathedral we will meet the square where is the Fossar de las Moreres, a monument realized in honor to the Catalans fallen during the war in year 1714 in Barcelona. Then for culturizarse a bit we pass to the Picasso's museum where you can find his famous meninas.
This museum was constructed on palaces and mansions of the 13th century and the XIVth, it has the particularity of having four different entrances in the same street. After the museum the best thing is to sit down, and drink a good coffee in the tables at the terrace to be able to look at the whole people who circulates along the neighborhood, also opposite to the Catedral its the coffee Bubo, where it is possible to eat looking at the Catedral.
After walking along the Walk of the Born, the small streets and crossing the neighborhood, about seven o'clock in the afternoon go to the Sándwich and Friends to the Happy Hour, and drink cosmopolitan and a few nachos with guacamole and cheese, they do them very well. To eat something we have to go to the Creps del Born, its better to go in the night because the creps are cooked by the own owner, the grandson of the founder. Then to end the night we have to go to the Mamaine to take a mojito, are the best, this bar has a very animated wave since they put tropical and Latin music.

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In this section we try to show all the places to visit in the Born, there exists a varied range of activities that can be done in this small neighborhood and many shops to buy. We begin with the shop where chocolate is sold Xocoa it is a small shop with a spectacular smell, this one quite arranged perfectly, every chocolate has his own package very original, nice and modern, and there is a great variety of forms and flavors. It is a very good place to buy gifts. Another special place to buy gifts is the shop called Doctor Paper, inspired by objects and ancient graphs, but with a touch of modernity, starting from pencils, metal boxes or photo albums.
To do a great appetizer in the house is indispensable to go and buy cheese at the Tot Formatge , a delicatessen shop with a great variety of cheeses. For a good sándwich you have the Sandwich & Friends which has a great mural done by Jordi Lavanda. If you want a bit of glamour do not hesitate to go to the Fiana, a bar restored with very much style.
To continue the night in the Born you can go to the Copetín which is a must of the night life, also you can go to La Luna a new place and to finish, you must go to Magic a discotheque with rock music that this very fashion.

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CABECERA personajes

The gallery of characters has the purpose to announce the people who is employed at the Born, persons who are very important for the neighbourhood and who the necessary importance is never given them, here we want to show in every publication new prominent figures, to know the persons who can attend to us when we go to the Born and this way you may know a bit of the life of the person that we have opposite to the counter.
These are a people of effort and and spend most part of the day in the neighbourhood of the Born, (they know it better than anybody), thanks to them it, is that the Born works to the perfection, some open the shops in the morning and others close them, there are other persons who are employed until 3 a.m. at the bars and have to wait that all people leave and that they all finish their drinks to be able to close the place.
There are some of them that work a couple of hours in the evening to complement the work with the university. Also we have characters who are the owners of their own (proper) place, and they are the whole day there organizing that all is perfect.
We think many Latin Americans that they are employed by day (in the daytime) in general at restaurants but also we find them in the night in several bars.

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CABECERA bodegon

This gallery of the publication is dedicated specifically to fashionable accessories. We will show stylish sneakers, which call the attention and are more fashion. The bags, an inevitable accompaniment for a woman and a great complication of ours day after day, always has to combine with everything, also the small ones that are in use in the night for going out to a bar or to a party.
The neckerchiefs are a very important fashion, these are variety complement of thousands of different colours and each one helps to make a perfect outfit.
Another fundamental accessory for turns dressed well are the necklaces, always giving a touch of elegance, colour and also a minimal bright that illuminates the neck to call the attention a little bit. The belt is an accessory that we cannot overlook. To give it the protagonism that deserves the waist there exists the belt, a piece that happened from the secondary role to the principal one, and that can mark the difference between a simple image and the showy one. Now you can take out the bored to a pair of trousers, garment or a skirt.

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